Our difference

Our difference


Working with Banque Profil de Gestion means benefiting from all the advantages offered by a bank that is personal in size: teams of experts at your service who are able to anticipate and act quickly, a completely customised service delivering tailored solutions combined with a culture of partnership that ensures our interests are always aligned with yours. All of this guaranteed by the standards one expects from a Swiss bank that is publicly traded, providing security, rigour and transparency. Banque Profil de Gestion is where private banking rhymes with exclusivity.



A performance culture supported by sound risk management

Focusing mainly on international high-net-worth individuals and family offices, Banque Profil de Gestion offers an innovative approach to Private Banking. Our philosophy is aimed at simplifying the complexities of investing, looking for performance based on risk diversification, and constantly aligning our interests with yours, particularly by promoting co-investment.

An open, transparent architecture

Whether we are dealing with business, institutional or entrepreneurial assets or private holdings, our ultra-customised management solutions are based on the principle of an open architecture – a smart combination of our know-how and that of world-renowned experts to offer you top management expertise while prioritising the best investment opportunities. 

A Multi-Family Office with a banking licence

With our ability to both advise you and implement the most demanding solutions, we prefer to rely on a small team to ensure greater proximity in our relationships and greater flexibility in our actions. You also enjoy all the advantages of a multi-family office combined with the benefits of working with an institution that holds a banking licence.



A comprehensive value proposal

Our ambition is to become your preferred partner for everything pertaining to your wealth management, family, and entrepreneurial affairs. This is why we continue to develop each of our relationships through sharing decisions, understanding needs, and customising management. Your horizon is broad, we always keep that in mind.. We are dedicated to the comprehensive management of your interests, both today and in the long term.




Understanding the requirements of high-net-worth individuals requires unique expertise. This is why we focus on selecting our relationships based on quality to allow you to enjoy a truly customised service, constant availability and impeccable execution. Our ambition: to work with and for you, in an exclusive partnership.


The size of our workforce is an asset that we intend to preserve, because it fosters dynamic energy, commitment, and efficiency. These three valuable advantages are essential when it comes to finding quick solutions, obtaining relevant advice or executing a transaction.


As a traditional Swiss private bank, the relentless pursuit of excellence is the driving force of all our actions. From developing customised solutions to implementing strategies, our activities are built on the principles of control, ethics and high standards. Our teams thus ensure transparent and efficient execution controlled by strict risk management.


Wealth is created not only by hard work, but also by the ability to seize the right opportunities at the right time. Our business relationships, both with you and with our partners, are built in the same spirit and based on dialogue and an alignment of interests. No options are ignored, as we seek unique investment opportunities for you.