Our expertise


Although we have varying types of institutional clients, what they do share in common is their risk control expectations, constraints and requirements. To meet this key need, we deliver an investment approach exclusively based on systematic risk control. This means working with each institution over a long-term horizon, pairing this exacting approach with various management techniques along with ironclad ethics and transparency, all while striving to cater to their specific characteristics.


As one of Switzerland's main players in ratchet management applied to various asset classes (equities, bonds, forex and precious metals), our team has spent nearly 25 years exploring the potential of this technique while actively contributing to its development, notably in terms of risk management. This purely quantitative approach draws on dynamic management of the hedging ratio based on the performance of the underlying risk asset. The goal is to generate an asymmetrical yield profile that seeks to limit the downward risk while also providing the opportunity to significantly benefit from an upward movement in the risk asset concerned.


  • Equity Overlay
  • Currency Overlay
  • Commodity Overlay
  • Long Bond Overlay


Armed with extensive experience in international bond management, our team can now offer you a wide range of fixed-income investment approaches ranging from active management to tracking indices and portfolio insurance techniques. It supplements this by providing the ability to pair routine control of exposure to forex risk with its international bond management. This multiple skill set spans the entire credit risk spectrum, from the safest governments to more speculative bond issuers.


  • Index-linked management
  • Active and semi-active management
  • Credit risk management
  • Ratchet management
  • International management excluding forex risk
  • Institutional reporting


The current global economic environment and its structural changes make it difficult to predict how different asset classes will perform in the medium and long term. This situation raises questions about how relevant static asset allocation approaches are. What's more, to ensure improved risk control while continuing to ensure the portfolio is flexible and aligned with the objectives set, we've developed a dynamic asset allocation approach both for Swiss pension funds and private institutional clients. In this area, our modelling provides a more stable risk profile that favours high-quality asset-liability management and exacting control of the predefined risk budget.


  • Strategic allocation with risk constraints (asset class, volatility, etc.)
  • Selection of investment vehicles
  • Internal and external management mandates

Alternative management

In the alternative management field, we offer investment solutions to qualified investors in the form of personalised consulting mandates or collective schemes such as investment funds, notably on the theme of agricultural real assets. With extensive experience in manager selection and portfolio construction, we also provide advice on setting up and monitoring personalised allocations by drawing both on proprietary quantitative allocation models and proven internal expertise in financial research.


  • Investment recommendations
  • Selection of managers
  • Strategic advice
  • Portfolio construction