Our expertise


Our capital market experts have worked together on the same team for many years and offer a rare level of expertise for a bank of our size. Indeed, our private clients will find that they provide brokerage services of the highest quality across all traditional and alternative asset classes. For professional investors, we provide added value mainly via investment advisory and brokerage, with in-depth expertise in forex, the bond market, equities, financial futures and commodities.


Our Capital Market team – which is organised to offer our private and institutional clients the transparency and independence they need to avoid potential conflicts of interest – carries out transactions across all traditional and alternative asset classes in constant search of the best price execution policy.


  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Alternative products
  • Forex
  • Lombard Loans


In brokerage, Banque Profil de Gestion provides top-level strategic advice alongside its execution service to guarantee that investments are suited to its clients' profiles. Particularly active on the bond market, the currency market (spot, swaps, forwards, options), the organised financial markets and commodities, our team has formed preferred partnerships with internationally renowned banking institutions, thereby providing access to near-unlimited liquidity and a broad range of counterparties.  We also have direct access points on many markets, including the equity, commodities and financial futures markets, as well as providing proven expertise in options strategies.


  • Advice and strategic support

  • Execution (bonds, equities, commodities, financial futures, forex)



Through its strong relations with numerous institutional investors, our Capital Market team assists its customers on a daily basis with advice on buying and selling bonds, equities and commodities. In addition to independent advice, these investors also benefit from additional expertise thanks to the decision-support tools that our experts provide to their professional and institutional clients, notably to meet their rates management needs.


  • Research (macroeconomic, interest rates)
  • Bond selection
    Portfolio analysis and restructuring
  • Proposal of arbitration trades
  • Construction of model portfolios
  • Active monitoring of existing portfolios