Our expertise


Like every one of us, a business has a unique life journey. Its journey is intimately linked to its founder or the entrepreneur who manages it and commits daily to its development. To approach each stage of this development in the best possible conditions, it is important for owners of one or more companies to be able to rely on the advice of a network of experts with a comprehensive view of their wealth and their business activities. Depending on your goals, our M&A Advisory team can provide assistance that matches your needs to make your growth, restructuring or M&A plans a reality.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With numerous M&A successes under its belt, our team is able to analyse, structure and optimise the entire transaction process, thanks to its proven financial expertise in this particularly sophisticated area and, more importantly, its intimate connection to an international network of top-quality investors. Whether you wish to sell your business as part of a succession, in order to acquire another business or to support growth in your industrial assets, we will assist you throughout your project with guaranteed constant availability.


  • Buy-side mandate
  • Sell-side mandate
  • Succession planning
  • Management Buy-Outs (MBOs)
  • Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBOs)

Capital raising and capital increases

Do you wish to strengthen your capital structure or inject new momentum into your business to create good conditions for growth? To finance your company and ensure that its business is sustainable over the long term, our team will select industrial and financial partners that are perfectly suited to your objectives and challenges. Their commitment and contribution will thus allow your project to take shape and develop.


  • Selection of investors and partners
  • Club deals
  • Capital or debt raising
  • Partnerships/Joint ventures
  • Debt structuring
  • Financing working capital

Corporate and financial advice

The complexity of certain situations - from changes in/expansion of business activities to market difficulties - can disrupt the balance of a company’s finances. Our team of experts will support you in the reorganisation of your corporate assets, notably by focusing on your debt structure, or your shareholding or governance structure. In addition to our expertise in restructuring and renegotiating debt, we can also, if you wish, act on your behalf or on behalf of shareholders in dealing with the relevant authorities or partner institutions.


  • Corporate structuring
  • Shareholding and governance reorganisations
  • Financial restructuring                                               including renegotiation of existing debts
  • Representation of shareholders or management