Our expertise


Wealth management becomes truly comprehensive when it allows you to meet not only your personal challenges, but also the broader challenges affecting your family or business, as well as your financial or philanthropic projects. Banque Profil de Gestion offers you exclusive services that will help you transform the challenges relating to your investments, succession, and aspirations into success.

Circle of Investors

If most of your assets are tied up in managing your present and future needs, a portion of your assets may also be set aside to create new sources of performance, by taking advantage of direct investments in industrial, service, and technology companies. We offer you special access to an independent investment platform dedicated exclusively to family offices and investors who wish to acquire stakes in venture/development capital projects, through equity or debt.

Family Governance

When it comes to sustaining the wealth or activities of a family business, it is important to set up a sustainable structure in order to plan and ensure proper functioning among the different members of the family, particularly when the next generation starts to take over and/or play an active role. Beyond the technical considerations, it is essential to gain a deeper understanding of each party’s motivations in this complex process. To advise you on these issues, we combine independent advice with our recognised expertise and all the tools necessary for confident planning.

Next generation

Each entrepreneur must, one day, deal with the difficult issue of succession. In the case of assets being passed on to family members, it is important to prepare the next generation for its future role. As both adviser and personal coach, we support this process by setting up academic profiling in order to match the heir’s academic studies with specific professional objectives. With customised training and a personalised plan (SAT, TOEFL, and GMAT), we put everything in place to train your heir for the challenges that lie ahead.


In order to adapt to the complexity of a constantly changing world and overcome the social and environmental challenges that we face, philanthropic action now relies on knowledge, technology, finance and networks. Our dedicated team brings together internal and external skills in all these areas and will help you put your plans into action, from simple donations to more sophisticated Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing solutions. Through partnerships with global organisations and the use of appropriate strategies, we can provide you with top-quality services to bring your private and corporate aspirations to life, while giving them maximum impact.