Our expertise


Combining a culture of service with excellence in execution, Banque Profil de Gestion has developed for its clients an exclusive management offering focused on building solutions that make the effectiveness of the risk/return profile the core of value creation and performance. Incorporating the principle of a long-term vision, this approach relies on the use of two institutional tools: Global Risk Reporting (GRR) and Asset Liability Management (ALM). Both will help you not only to analyse the state of your financial and non-financial assets, but also to plan your future by taking informed and confident decisions to better protect and grow your wealth.

Global Risk Reporting

Global Risk Reporting is a consolidated report showing all your financial assets deposited in different banks together with your non-financial assets, such as real estate or art. It offers a global view of your holdings as well as many advantages, such as analysis of market and credit risks, determining actual available liquidity, or even identifying “hidden bets” such as overexposure to a security through different funds. This customised report is also calibrated so that you can compare the performance of your different managers on a uniform basis.


  • Consolidated report                                                                 (financial and non-financial assets)
  • Portfolio performance comparison

Asset Liability Management

To optimise your portfolio over the long term according to your everyday cash requirements and long-term plans (your children’s education, buying a yacht, etc.), we follow the principles of Asset Liability Management. This approach analyses your past and future cash flows while simulating performance and risk using a quantitative method. It takes your professional and personal goals into account and allows specific constraints to be incorporated. Just like a company that defines a business plan and budgets, you have all the information you need to steer your business without creating any imbalance in your wealth.


  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Cash flow
  • Performance simulation


Today's real challenge in asset management is identifying and analysing new asset classes in order to generate returns that beat the standard portfolio diversification approach. Our experts take care of identifying these for you and choosing the products that will foster the best risk/return profile through quantitative or fundamental approaches.


  • Product selection
  • Risk diversification
  • Diversification of sources of performance