SOCIETE FINANCIERE PRIVEE, Geneva, increases its dividend

SOCIETE FINANCIERE PRIVEE SA (SFP), Geneva has achieved a good business year 2000, which allows it to increase its dividend. The shareholder's meeting took place on April 19th under Guy STUDER's chairmanship. The general meeting has decided to allocate the available income of CHF 5,99 millions as follows: CHF 2,02 millions for the dividend payment, that is to say an increase from 14% to 15% with respect to the last reporting year, CHF 3,13 millions to the reserves and CHF 0,84 million carried forward to next account. The board of directors' mandates of Mrs Anna MENARINI and Mr Jacques MEYER DE STADELHOFEN have been renewed for a new term.

SFP's core business is prime brokerage for independent asset managers. The company, a participant member of the SWX Swiss Exchange since March 2001 is specialized in asset allocation, portfolio management, equity and foreign exchange trading, and global custody. With a systematic enhancement of its services and an expansion of its client base, the company strives for qualitative growth and greater profitability.

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